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How do these stats correlate, Does anyone else put huge emphasis on if they should add up to x amount. Always been under the impression that W@SD/WWSF generally had to = >100 but as i study the game more, this thought process seems wrong wwsf seems meaningless, unless using the stat individually to exploit, however all the biggest winners have >100. Jan 26, 2017 · No. If opponent bluffed rivers a lot, then when they do get called on river: WSD decreases WTSD increases WWSF decreases And when the river bluff does not get called: WSD does not change the hand did not go to showdown WTSD decreases WWSF increases Thus bluffing rivers can only ever decrease WSD. My problem now is that i dont know how did i make my blue line go up! i had 60 WSD WTSD 27. BTW when ppl bet "polarized" they tend to bet often later, and its rarely a bluff. W34Z3L made a vid on RCP, some population analysis, in H2N, and he showed that 3 barrels are bluff like 6-10%, where u shouldnt use hands that are only beating bluffs! Nov 18, 2016 · Little do they know, once a certain amount of players enter the pot, their Aces’ equity shrivels up. For example, in a pot with five other opponents each playing a range of the top 20% of hands, a player with AA is expected to lose over 47% of the time:. Variable open sizes run. Aug 23, 2018 · If the VP, PFR, and wsd are high, but the wsd/w is low, then aggression is usually very high and I'm usually looking at a maniac that's raising everything and bluffing a lot. I also notice that wsd and wsd/w has a direct correlation to my win-rate. In general, if wsd/w is less than 50% it's a net loss, and 60% or above is generally a positive net.

wtsd word type: acronym An acronym for "went to showdown" and displayed as a percentage, which is a popular stat commonly used in HUDs to determine how willing a. b vpip=28 / pfr=5 / wtsd=44 This is a good place to value bet – your opponent is loose and passive. To bet about half the pot seems correct – you don’t want to chaise him away here. What's the average WTSD% for 10nl? at theOnline Poker Forum - Just curious, those of you that have PT3 or HEM and play 10nl what is your WTSD%. Abbreviation for What that shit do? Referred as a question. Basically asking, what do you want to do?

WTSD The WTSD for Went to Showdown tells in how many percent of cases where a player saw the second betting round that he also went to the showdown. In Hold'em, this would indicate how often a player saw the showdown, given that he saw the flop. It is a measure for how inclined a player is to give up his hand after the flop. Jul 25, 2013 · The 2 stats describe the FE so that you can estimate yourself the quality of a play once you decide to make a certain play. It also describes pretty good someone believing your B on scare cards. The stats are in general more useful for ZOOM poker.

In addition to GPS, the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 also, of course, has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 is also among the first smartwatches to feature Google Android 2.0 as its operating system. Google has been lagging a bit on releasing its updated wearable operating system. Aug 15, 2011 · HI guys, Like said in the title, i have huge problems with the NL2, im pretty sure its my game that is the problem. I played about 18.000 hands 6MAX and lost for 50$, so i think its very weak. My stats are: VPIP 17.72 PFR 13.51 WWSF 45.30 WTSD 31.96 WSD 46.05 AF. The Woodbridge Township School District seeks to engage the entire community in instructing and inspiring our students to be successful and significant beyond our classrooms. Mission Statement Our mission is to develop, through a technology infused curriculum, life-long learners who are responsible citizens prepared to make positive. Once you come to the conclusion that it is true and you'll be ready to listen maybe some of us won't be so pissed by the attitude you demonstrate to still help you. Honestly, man - You're more tilting than the game is. WWSF, WTSD, WSD look reasonable. Fold to 3bet is super high. Then again, there is a chance you have posted the wrong stat. Please check this is specifically fold-to-3bet-after-raise2bet, otherwise the stat is useless. Ok, so basically, we are missing most of the important info to create a helpful review here.

WTSD PTY LTD or Workplace Training and Staff Development is a Registered Training Organisation RTO that can identify training and assessment services leading to AQF qualifications in Civil Construction, Plant Operations and High Risk Work. Our mission is to enhance people’s skills by addressing skills deficiencies in the workplace. FCX Oil & Gas Inc. FM O&G data, is included in this report where noted. Workforce data presented is as of year-end 2015. FCX Oil & Gas Inc. This WTSD report primarily focuses on our mining and metals operations which are implementing programs developed in alignment with the ICMM Sustainable Development Framework. -Total enrollment at our high schools: 4,197-418 certified staff members including 14 guidance counselors-Grades: 9 through 12-All schools accredited by Middle States Association-More than 150 courses offered in Advanced Placement, college preparatory, honors courses, business, vocational and cooperative work/study programs. Most of them caused from cooler situations, like overpair v overpair or set over set, some by bad beats and roughly 2-3 because of tilt, probably. When I used to play micro turbo sng, I know 20 buyin downswings were normal. Are 2 dowswings of this magnitude over 2 weeks overall I am break even now normal or there could be something more.

Preflop RFI Strategy - A Simple Way to Open The Action.

The WSD is a stylish, easy to install, and simple to use Wall Switch Decorator style Passive Infrared PIR sensor. It is ideal for private offices, copy rooms, closets, or any small enclosed space without obstructions. A user programmable time delay ensures that once the room is vacated the sensor will time out and turn off the lights. To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. After your information is complete, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners. Acronym - "What the serious fuck?" Get a WTSF mug for your guy Abdul. For help or assistance please contact us at 1-877-480-3201 or 1-717-338-2824 TTY or you may submit requests online via e-support. Global Poker. Play Poker in 50 US states LEGALLY! US Based Offer. FEATURED Networks. Microgaming. 0 Deals. 5.

Drainage on Hydrology and Watershed Management Bruce N. Wilson Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering. Wtsd 1 Wtsd 2 Flow Rate Time 01 23 4 5. Flow Rate Time 01 23 4 5 Wtsd 2 Wtsd 1 Original Straightened Channel New 1 New Total Wtsd 1 Wtsd 2. Title: Impacts of Drainage on Hydrology and Watershed Management Author: Dr. Bruce Wilson Subject. ABOUT WTSD; Information & Bookings 02 6582 3393 02 6582 4516. Chainsaw FPICOT2239A Trim and cut felled trees Level One BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL PH: 02 6582 3393. This course describes the outcomes required to trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw. It is intended for use in situations where the production of timber is not the primary.

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